The Core Working Group is composed of members from ARPI and from the Interpersonal and Group Psychotherapy School of Specialisation (SSPIG) of Palermo directed by Prof. Emilio Riccioli.

Thank you for your response and for being significantly cooperating to
UNHCR. Our special thanks go to Dr. Alessandra Morelli and Dr. Giulia Raffaelli.

We also thank for strongly supporting our project:

SSPC-UPS Clinical Psychology Training School directed by Professor Cinzia Messana;

IFREP Clinical Psychology Training School of Rome directed by Professor Susanna Bianchini;

The Italian Council for Refugees (CIR) – directed by Prof. Roberto Zaccaria.

We also thank:

Dr. Alessandro Broggi, poet and philosopher, for composing a literary piece for the project;

Journalist Gabriele Del Grande, who offers us his texts as an inspiration;

The algerian painter and film director Rachid Benhadj for donating the logo design;

The Choral Harmonic Entropie Group, (M°Claudia Gili), for the willingness to perform the choral pieces requested by the competition for free;

Dr. Francesca Della Rocca, clinical psychologist, who edited the english version of the site.

We thank UNHCR, Cir, the Pontificio Ateneo Salesiano and SSSC-UPS for having already sent us their letters of Interest. Further ones are coming in.

We are looking forward to being able to mention and thank other groups and organizations.